7 Responses to Thinking about the Swedish Study

  1. Valen Prime says:

    Thanks for your post! I have heard that this study shows how much problems the surgicals do cause but after reading the comments on the study: “There might be other explanations to increased cardiovascular death and malignancies. Smoking was in one study reported in almost 50% by the male-to females and almost 20% by female-to-males.[9] It is also possible that transsexual persons avoid the health care system due to a presumed risk of being discriminated.”

    • Absolutely. One of the reasons that the Tom Waddell Health Center started seeing people with informed consent protocols 20 years ago was that people were coming in desperately ill having avoided medical care due to discrimination and ignorance. Preventative care and early intervention are important.

  2. Mica says:

    Hi, thanks for your analysis, I did my own and added a few things, but it was a good basis for my recent response to some radical feminists who were intent on using the data for their own purposes to ‘prove’ the danger and inherent violence they saw as existing in transwomen.

    Kind Regards,

    Mica Hind

  3. RobertKC says:

    This is NOT the only study looking at post operative results. While none appear to provide a definite conclusion because they all seem to have some design flaw, NONE of them provide positive results. In other words, none conclude that post operative results provide significant improvements in the PATIENTS condition! The argument that the Swedish study did not compare results to other transgender populations is somewhat of a moot point. The issue is how the individual PATIENT fares pre and post surgery. And that is what the Swedish study did. I say “almost” only because from a design standpoint, it does make some sense. It does NOT discredit the Swedish study however! It simply suggests another design would provide a necessary completing these findings to generalize to the broader population. HOWEVER what is important is the fact that the LQBT community constantly berates therapies done by legitimate, PhD psychiatrists and psychologists treating people seeking “reparative” therapy because they claim that research shows that patients are not “cured” of their unwanted homosexual attraction and that some even experience even more dissatisfaction. But this is EXACTLY what many of the post operative reassignment studies are showing! You cant have it both ways! Legitimate therapies are not rejected simply because they fail to satisfy EVERY patient or even cause harm to some! Yet this is exactly how the LGBT community argues against reparative therapy! AND they want to completely ignore the large number of study results that are showing that a significant number of patients are NOT benefiting from sex reassignment surgery! Neither side has conclusive evidence! So my point is that while there is NO conclusive study showing significant benefits to sex reassignment surgery, it is far more cautious, compassionate and wise to avoid surgery for simply a chance that the patient will be satisfied in his new “deformed” body that cannot be returned to its natural state.

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  5. George Davis says:

    Thanks for this review.

    I think it’s unlikely the patients in this study had facial feminization surgery because the study includes people who transitioned a while back.

    I’m not sure how to evaluate their lack of a control group. Studies of transition usually lack control groups and it would be hard if not unethical to create one – you’d be saying you wouldn’t treat a group of people with gender dysphoria.

    I think the right conclusions are that a) the treatment is imperfect, b) people who transition need support and counseling afterwards as well as before and c) we should be looking for ways to improve the treatment.

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