Mental health and medical providers have to learn about and talk about detransition.   We have to figure out what the medical needs and mental health needs are for folks who transition back. Many people simply leave health care, leave their hormone provider and detransition on their own.  We don’t want people to transition on their own so we sure don’t want them to detransition on their own. Often people don’t see a therapist about this or at least not their gender therapist.  If they had one.   Sometimes this is because a therapist has become a cheerleader for transition rather than an objective support for the individual. 

I believe that we have to provide support for detransitioners the same way that we provide support for transitioners.  Whether people regard their choice to transition as a mistake or a path they had to walk to know who they are (aren’t) or it was just too hard and there were too many losses that came with physically transitioning that it did not offset the dysphoria.

I think people who detransition can create discomfort for a gender therapist.  We work in a field that is so unusual and most of us learned what we know through experience.    People who detransition can shake up our beliefs.  Detransitioning comes with politics in the same way that working in gender comes with politics.

We have to figure out how to create welcoming environments for detransitioners and that will start with us.



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5 Responses to Detransition

  1. Have you any idea how many revert, and after how long transitioned? Is there any research?

  2. I have a long answer and short answers and for now I will go with the short answer.
    No and no and not really.

    We have no idea how many people transition let alone detransition. We have no agreement on language such as what is transition anyhow? Transition is social, legal, hormonal and surgical. There is no one size fits all. Who is trans*? Some people throw butch women under the trans umbrella and some butch women would be very offended by that, for instance. So if we don’t know what transition is exactly we can’t know what detransition is. Some people take hormones intentionally planning on stopping them after they get certain effect. Is that detransition? It would not be reverting as it was meeting a goal but it is stopping a transition process.

    So it gets complicated.

  3. Here and here are some thoughts on detransition. I would be grateful for your views.

  4. I think most people just want to fit in, in some way, or at least not be harmed for not fitting in. It would be nice if our society embraced people for who they are and that we better embraced or at least tolerated biological males who had interests and behaviors and expressions that seem to be permitted and expected in women and not men. But it’s not yet our reality

    The goal is to be happy and productive. To be as authentic as possible and to develop the resilience to cope with the micro and macro aggressions that come without letting them destroy ones sense of self. I was listening to a performer yesterday who said she never sang a certain song because she wasn’t sure if it was good enough but now that she is 70 she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It’s good enough for her and she’s not being limited by other people’s judgments.

    I think that’s a good model and I also think there is the reality of violence and discrimination as well. It all must be addressed.

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