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Psychotherapist in San Francisco. I am a gender specialist.

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

I’m annoyed at this term. Annoyed enough that I have to restart this blog. I heard for the first time about a week ago.  Apparently, defying the realities of human development, people are supposed to be the same at 13 … Continue reading

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When categories are inadequate

I don’t know who to ask for permission to post this–found it on an internet search and really liked it.

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Information online about regret, detransition, retransition, etc.

We don’t have good information about detransition, retransition and regret. People are pointing to old studies. Once again this population is a small group within a small group so no good data and there is likely a reluctance on the … Continue reading

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It’s not only your surgeon you should research and there are other risks to consider

Some general thoughts In evaluating risk, people should consider a variety of different issues. Some of them are the same issues that anyone considering a surgery that is not an emergency surgery (an elective surgery) should be considering. In researching … Continue reading

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Testosterone and Cardiovascular risk

There is so much we do not know. That’s true of a lot of things. Consumers of healthcare and mental healthcare have to be their own advocate. Generally, health literacy in the US is quite poor and mostly inadequate for … Continue reading

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I’ve only seen the abstract

Trans women had more HSDD and trans men had less. 1/3 of trans women reported personal or relational distress regarding sexual desire. That’s significant. 70% of transmen increased sexual desire. It’s interesting that 30% of trans men never felt sexual … Continue reading

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Take the time you deserve-ramblings

Here in California, the DMHC said insurance companies must provide transition related care. This is an important step. And with it, it brings challenges. Increasing numbers of people will surgically transition and with those increasing numbers will come increasing numbers … Continue reading

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A list of reasons for people who report regrets in studies and what therapists think

What research participants said: The person was not transsexual, they were misdiagnosed, the real issue was not addressed, the person felt they needed to accept their body, had to accept social role/expressions. They lost people in their lives, lost partners, … Continue reading

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People who have identity issues, think about identity issues.

People who have identity issues, think about identity issues. Questioning doesn’t mean a person made the wrong decision.  It doesn’t mean a person will make the right decision, either.   Wherever you are, you very likely will have days that … Continue reading

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Mental health and medical providers have to learn about and talk about detransition.   We have to figure out what the medical needs and mental health needs are for folks who transition back. Many people simply leave health care, leave … Continue reading

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